Originally, we created FollowLove to enhance the connection between different social profiles, but soon realized that there is something greater out there than improving their social life: To provide real value to YouTubers, Instagrammers and other Content Creators in their real, daily life. We developped FollowLove to give you the possibility of better monetization of your content without hurting your followers. Many many popular creators already use it: Via the Amazon Associate Program, you're able to earn money with simple product recommendations to your followers without them paying more than the normal price on Amazon. Therefore, we made this way of secondary monetization very easy, intuitive and good looking, in order to create the best possible outcome: A win-win situation for creators, followers and partners. Within minutes, you can create a link similar to followlove.me/grex (my profile as example) and post it everywhere under your videos or add it as link to in your social profiles.

The founder

Gregor Krambs @grex

I'm 27 years old and I'm studying Naval Architecture in Hamburg, Germany. I love to create new websites :D